Week 82 - Golden Cheetah

I haven’t written for quite a while, but I’ve been continuing on behind the scenes.

I’d been following my base-training triathlon plan, but I found it to be a bit too much to handle. There were a lot of intervals within the plan (three a week), and I found that I am not ready for that much load. The fatigue was difficult to manage.

Stickman had described what he would do if he were training, and I took that to heart. I tried to implement what he would do for myself - that was a mistake. Further, he recommened I change up the intervals between bike and run every two weeks, and somehow I took that as do a bike and run interval every week. I also, stupidly, was doing swimming intervals once a week as well.

So for a few weeks I did running intervals on Tuesday, swimming on Thrusday, and bike intervals on the weekend. I thought that would be easy and allow for ample rest. I was wrong.

It was good to go through, but I’ve come to realize I am a lazy runner. I love running (and biking and swimming), and I do them all the time, but I don’t have enough desire to “push it”. To really get good and this kind of thing, you have to work very hard. I don’t need to be best, or even good at running and triathlon - I do it because it’s fun and I love getting outside. I am not out to win a race, and while I like getting fitter, I don’t need to do it. My main goal isn’t to be an uber athlete - it’s to just be fit, healthy, and do fun things.

Needless to say, I scrapped that base-building plan I built and started over. With a much more “zone 2” kind of feel to it. I am still going to do some interval sessions, but it’ll be more like one every two weeks or so.

My TrainingPeaks account expired as well. I found TrainingPeaks to be a really cool service, but it was overkill for my needs. The main paid feature I frequently used was the Performace Management Chart. I found this chart to be very useful. It clearly layed out my training stress level and my fitness level. It was great to know if I was being too lazy or over training.

Luckily I found a nice program called Golden Cheetah which does the exact same thing. I just had to import all my training data, and run a few reports. Here is my 12 month chart:

12 Month PMC

And here is my last 3 months:

3 Month PMC

As you can see the chart is the same. I am currently around the same fitness level as after my marathon late last year, and I’ve been holding steady for the past few months. I am hoping that will be a nice base to kick of offical triathlon training – which starts in about 2 weeks.

I have a couple interesting races this month that I’ll write about soon.