Week 77 - Don't Be Soft

I had an unusual race this week - a soft sand 9k. It was a beach run, but not where it’s nice and compact up near the water. No, this race was in the soft sand - hence the name.

It was a more difficult than I expected. I was fine for the first 1/3 of the race, but after that the sand really started to get to me. I would yearn for the short patches of packed sand where those in front of me had gone before. When there wasn’t a well blazed trail - which was few and far between - it felt like my feet were slopping through some kind of gloppy play-dough. There was no springing at all - just flop flop flop.

In the end, I had a good time. It wasn’t a race I was planning on doing, but it turned out to be a fun, quirky little race.

I’ve also mostly finished off my half ironman training plan. Tomorrow starts the official first day of the base building part. I’ve kept the beginning purposefully loose because, even though I have read a lot, I have no idea what I am doing (or how I will be able to cope).

Additionally, It’s incredibly stressful at work, we’re having some visa issues, and because of work I am finding it hard to find the time to do some other work I’ve been trying to get done. I am a worried about overloading myself. We’ll see how it goes.