Week 70 - Out of a Hole

I am surprised at how much fitness I lost from just that 10 day break. 10 days doesn’t seem like that long, but I’ve been feeling it the past couple weeks. I’ve just now started feeling normal again.

Stickman said it takes about 2 weeks to get back after an extended break, and he seems to have been right on the money.

Since my main race isn’t for 8 months or so, my main focus is building my base fitness. The actual plan is a 16 week plan. It’s a rather aggressive plan so I’ll need some work before I can even start. For example, the first training swim is 1,600 meters. I could probably do that now, but it’d be a struggle, and I wouldn’t be able to do it several times a week.

I still need to build out my base plan. Right now I am just winging it - swimming, biking and running for however far or long I feel. I am doing about 6.5 hours a week, but I need to slowly build up to 10 hours a week before the plan kicks off.

One part of the 70.3 plan I find interesting are Recovery Weeks. Every third week, the intensity or distance drops down a bit before it increases the next week. I’ve heard of this technique before, but not tried building it into a plan. Mixing recovery weeks with the 10% rule supposedly helps keep injury at bay. I am going to try it out with by base building plan and see how it goes.

I’ve also found a new triathlon fellow if you’re into that kind of thing: Triathlon Taren. He’s got some great general information and tips in his videos - and he posts regularly.