Week 67 - A century, Banana Man, and Buddha

It has been a while since I’ve posted. A bit has happened.

A few weeks back I did my first “century bike ride”. Luckily for me I am going by kilometers so that’s a 100k bike ride instead of 100 miles. A bit of a cheat, but I’ll just roll with it. It’s nice to know what riding that far feels like. I need to get my regular kilometerage around that level soon. It hurt, and I we came in dead last, but it was really nice day.

It was all Banana Man’s idea - I blame him. He found the race and we just went for it. We weren’t trained up for the ride at all so we just took our time and made a day of it. By 85k I was really feeling it.

Banana Man got his name from the ride. He did the ride last year, and apparently they were very skimpy with the bananas. As a result, whenever we passed a water station he would load up his bike jersey to the brim with a large number of bananas - fearful there would be no more bananas.

He was not stingy about the bananas either. He would offer them up to any one who looked banana depleted. A group of young girls flew past us going up a hill and shouted “Hey, there’s banana man!”.

Banana Man.

I also decided to take a detour from training and take a course on meditation. Several athletes I admire say that meditation really helps with their training - as well as everything else (like Rich Roll for example).

I thought I was going to take a simple class that talked about sitting in the woods while generating vibrations or something. I was expecting to try it and find it pointless hippy non-sense.

I mentioned my interest to a few people at work, and one fellow - Buddha - mentioned he did a 10 day course in the mountains doing. He gave me the information, and I figured “why not, this is as good as any other one. Plus, I’ll get a nice holiday”.

It turned out to be intense. Very intense. I think it was as hard, if not harder than running my first marathon. We basically meditated from all day everyday for 10 days. That might not sound very difficult - I mean you just sit there right? - but it was very difficult on many levels.

I am glad I did it. I am glad I know how to do it. Like running, it takes time to develop so now I’ve added this to my “workout routine”. We’ll see if it has any effect in the long run.

The only downside of taking the class was I wasn’t allowed to exercise - not that I could have. So I lost a bit of time and probably a bit of fitness, but I think it was worth it.

Back to training.