Week 62 - First Tri

That was fun.

This first sprint triathlon was primarily an information gathering exercise to see how the whole thing works. Of course I also wanted to do well, but just getting through was the main goal. I had a loose goal in mind - I wrote this before the race:


I was a bit overly optimistic… and also bad at maths apparently (that should be 1:27).

There were some large storms on the east coast of Australia this week. Because of the heavy rain, everywhere was muddy as. It made for a very difficult transition area. Which was good for me - trial by fire.

Aquaman said, it was basically like mud wrestling.

Additionally, the storms were wreaking havoc with the tides. They adjusted the swim course to be a loop instead of an in and out affair. The two lap loop made the swim a washing machine. All the waves wound up on the loop at the same time - it was pandemonium. I got elbowed in the face 3 times. It was awesome.

When we left the swim it was a bit rainy, and the already muddy ground had gone full on mud. Running to get to the bike, and then wheeling the bike out of the transition area was what I imagine a tough mudder is like. Eventually I got out on the road and did my loops.

The run was gorgeous. The rain had subsided and the temperature was perfect. The path was along the sea side, and the rough water crashing against the rocks was a lovely sight.

All up it was a crazy race, and I loved it. The people who put it on were great about rolling with the changing weather and adapting the best they could. My overall time wound up being 1:29. I would have liked it to been less than my loose goal, but I am happy it's under 90 minutes - if only just…

Breakdown if you are curious: 17:01 swim; 2:20 T1; 41:41 bike; 1:56 T2; 26:14 run.