Week 59 - First Swim Race

I participated in my first swimming race last weekend. It was fun.

The main goal was to see what it was like thrashing in the water with a bunch of other people around. While it was a bit of a dry run before my first triathlon race, I was still nervous about the race. 1km is still a long swimming distance for me at this point, and I am a rudimentary swimmer at best.

I didn't drown, so it was a success.

My time was 18:27 (a full minute behind Aquaman). For me, that was a decent time. I would have liked for it to be closer to 15 minutes, but for my first race and seeing I just started swimming a few months ago… I am pretty happy.

I started out too fast (as I always do), but I managed to breathe well the whole time. It was in a cove for most of the race. That made the breathing easier, and when we hit open water it got a bit harder. I did get a few waves to the face and swallowed some sea water - that always burns - but just focused back on form and kept going.

Some good takeaways:

  • Don't go out so fast
  • I need to work on my sighting - I was all over the place.
  • Figure out how to deal with people in my way (how to pass people)

As you'll see in my PMC below, I also lost a bit of time the past few weeks due to an injury:


It wasn't because of overuse, or training too hard, or anything as awesome as that. No, it was because after one of my swim work outs I fell down the stairs going back into the locker room.

The stairs were really wet, there was no grip tape or hand rails on the stairs, I was slightly dizzy after going kind of hard and… shoop, kapow, thud thud thud.

Luckily, I landed on the meaty side of my left back (instead of my spine). I couldn't walk very well for a couple of days, and I had to cancel my 10k race. However, I pulled off the swim, and I feel like I am back to normal now - I healed myself with my vegan powers.

Swimming races are fun. If you're even slightly interested in it, I recommend you give it a go!