Week 56 - Of Sharks and Tickets

It's all happening.

I was finally able to buy my entry ticket for the Ironman 70.3. Wonder Woman and I still have some travel arrangements to sort out, but the sweaty bills have been laid out. If I fail now, there will be monetary repercussions - enforced by Wonder Woman.

My training has been going quite well. I am feeling pretty strong, and (touch wood) I haven't had any nagging pains. I've been increasing my training load as I head towards my first race:


I really think the mixing of bike, swim, and running (with a very small bit of weight and stretching) is keeping my likelihood of injury lower than normal. Looking over my past efforts, I tend to get hurt with this amount of load when I am only running. I am keeping an eye on it.

Oh yeah, on my last open water swim I saw a shark.

Now first off, my mate Rick N. Morty was kind enough to give me a flash pair of swimming goggles. I had been using a cheap $15 pair which succeeded at keeping the water out of my eyes, but made everything look like a sequence of brown blobs. I couldn't tell poop from seaweed, and I was fine with that. I didn't really mind. These new goggles, however, are shockingly clear. I can see everything underwater which is both good and bad.

As we were finishing up our last couple hundred meters of a long 1.5k swim, on the bottom of the sea floor I saw with crystal clear clarity a little shark chilling in the seaweed.

Surprisingly, I was so tired I couldn't manage to panic. Well, that and I was pretty sure this kind of shark wasn't dangerous. It was a Wobbegong Shark.

It makes a good story, but I really don't want to jinx myself into something more serious. It was quite cool, and the new goggles are amazing. Just in case the odds are taking notes, I think seeing one shark is enough for me.