Week 52 - Half way

Well, here we are, half way through.

It's been one year since I decided to do this crazy endeavor, and we've got one goal down. The next big one is about a year away, and I think… I hope… I am on track to get that one done as well.

I kind of knew I could finish a marathon. I didn't think I would ever do well, but I knew I could finish it (even if it took 8 hours). The half ironman I am less sure about. I know I can do each part by itself now, but to do them in sequence and to get all the way through - I am less sure. The average finishing time is about 6 hours - so say 7 hours - that's a long time to be pushing it. That's like racing for a full day of work.

I have a few prep races throughout 2017 which should be fun. I am looking forward to figuring all this out. Stick to the plan and I am sure it'll work out.

I had a breakthrough swim a last week. I swam in open water for 1km, took a break and then swam another 400m. The water was really choppy as well. While my form is still rubbish, I am feeling more confident about my ability to complete the swimming section.

Here's the last PMC. I've started adding in time - the blue bars.


I've moved to tracking time-per-week-per-sport instead of just distance. I am pretty low right now at an overall 4-6 hours a week. I need to get that up to around 15 hours. Over the coming weeks I'll be slowly ramping that up.

I thought it'd be fun to load up my performance management chart for the year just to see how much I've progressed. Funnily enough, I am pretty much about where I started (after the initial ramp up and marathon bump in the middle). Funny that.

PMC Year

Here's to 2017.