Week 43 - Easy-E

I've been taking it Easy-E.

I was told to take it easy after a big race, so I have been. The rule of thumb, so I hear, is one day of easy for every mile of a race. For the past few weeks I've just been doing some easy biking, light swimming and slow running most week days. I've also been doing some traveling for the past few weekends so my long days have been probably too easy.

My PMC chart shows that I am beyond fully recovered, and that I've been losing a bit of fitness. I don't mind that so much; I needed a bit of a break.


My first Triathlon is bought and paid for. It's a sprint Triathlon in March. It's a short race, and I feel like I could probably do it right now, but I want use the time learn to train for a triathlon correctly. When the Half Ironman training kicks in (after the sprint), I want everything to be old hat.

The sprint is a 750m swim, 20k bike, and 5k run. The swimming, the transitions, the traveling, and the ‘wobbly legs’ are the unknowns. They are the things I'd like to work out in this first race. Plus, it's an open water swim that is partially in the ocean so I am somewhat freaked out.

I am also supposed to go for an ocean swim next weekend. There have been several shark attacks in the past few weeks as well. Joy.

If you're curious, I am going to be using this training plan. I am mostly just going to use the swimming portion as I already feel comfortable with my running and biking ability for this distance. I am going to bump up those portions of the plan to get ready for the training push after the sprint.

I've also got a mate from work who is keen to do the sprint, so I might have a training partner.

And we're off!