Week 36 - Down the track

There are only two more weeks to go until the marathon. I feel unprepared, but also as prepared as I could be.

As a serial “someone who tries new things”, you'd think I'd remember the first several times most people try something, they are going to suck. It's almost impossible to really be good at something on a first go. Unless you wind up being Mozart or some unusually gifted savant - which is incredibly rare - and that is not you.

Even if a first attempt comes off acceptably well, the fifth, tenth, or hundredth time will almost always reveal how initially awful the first one was. I am getting faster at remembering that which makes the outcome of new things a bit less “failure” prone.

A lot of people could stand to learn that lesson.

Obviously, knowing that the first go will likely fizzle horribly doesn't mean not to try your best. It just means that the best is yet to come, and you can't get there if you don't start. Some, if not all, of the best lessons learned are by doing.

I think this race will be painful, a bit slow, and fun. I know it wont be my best, but it will be a deep notch along the path that will lead to the best. I have learned so many things, and I haven't even done the race yet.

These are all words directed towards myself…

For the last week I've been mixing in more of the bike to keep my fitness up, but ease off on the knee. It's working well, but my long runs still are not long enough for me to feel ready for the race. The run / walk technique is working well enough, but I think with all the injuries, I just ran out of time.


Fitness is holding steady, but long runs are only in the 30k range. I am more curious than worried to see how I do in the race.