Week 35 - Scott Jurek

Sometimes a minuscule amount of encouragement goes a long way.

Or maybe it's shamed into it… I can't really tell.

I can't seem to ditch this nagging knee pain. It's getting better, but it wont fully go away. I have a feeling if I stop running for a month or so it'll right itself, but doing that would kill any chance of doing this marathon. Lately, I've been considering dropping out of the race as an option.

Stickman, Speedy, and McGregor have been suggesting I do a run / walk strategy instead of all out running. For non-runners, it's basically doing intervals the whole race. You'd run for, say, 5 minutes and then walk for 1 minute and do that over and over.

I've been rejecting that outright because I feel like if I don't run the whole time, I didn't really ‘run the race’. Apparently I like to make pretend I am some sort of athlete - not some old dude who just started running a few years ago - I have standards you know.

After my last physio appointment, I finally gave in. I realized going with a plan that might actually work is far better than just catering to my ego and hoping I somehow pull it off at the last minute. I was feeling a bit bad about the decision, but then I got an amazing gift from Speedy; a signed book (Eat & Run) from Scott Jurek.

Scott Jurek is one of the runners I really look up to. He's a monster. He ran the Appalachian Trail (3,502 km) in 46 days. Yes, that's right 3,500 kilometers running for 46+ days straight. He's 42 and a vegan.


The inscription in the book says: “To Rob, Sydney or Bust - 26.2 Tough” - well, crap, now I have to do it. I can't have a book from Scott Jurek that says “hey, yeah, good on you for that marathon thing” and then not do the run. How lame would that story be?

On top of that, there is no way he ran the whole 3,500km. There had to have been times he walked. And while my distance is about 3,453km shorter than his - if it's good enough for Jurek then it's good enough for me.

I went out and did my first long run using the run / walk method and was surprisingly close to a decent half marathon time. I still had a bit of pain, but with the walking breaks between it was manageable.

Fingers and toes.

It's almost pointless to track fitness at this point. I don't think I'll be making much progress again until a few months after the race. My goal is not to lose too much before the triathlon training kicks in.