Week 33 - ish

It's really the middle of week 34, but I haven't written in a while. My “real life” has been busy lately and I haven't had time to document this mad cap adventure. I don't see that changing for a while either. The plan is still place and moving along, but I just haven't had time to bang on about it (except to my poor, poor friends. Sorry.).

My knee is still giving me trouble, but slowly getting to be less of a problem. It went from hurting all the time, to just hurting for a few days after a hard run (or if I sit down too long). My new theory is I think one of my legs is longer than the other, and this imbalance makes my body compensate in some weird way. Normally it's not a problem, but as soon as I hit 40k a week, it just flairs up my IT band - it could all be psychological too.

I've also decided, on the advice of many, to start to see a sports masseuse semi-regularly. I find that rolling and using the tennis ball seem to break up the tightness in my knee, and I've been told that the massage is even better than the rolling. I have a few really nice suggestions for people to contact (thanks Jo!).

My weekly kilometerage has stalled due to the injury, but luckily I haven't lost too much yet. You can see me fighting to keep things up in the PMC graph:


It's an interesting thing that graph. Just by looking at it you can tell there is a problem. You can see a struggle but no gain. Like wheels spinning in mud.

Since I am so close to the race, I am just going to press on and see what happens. I have no goal for the marathon other than finish, so just showing up I will have already won. The right thing to do, I think, is to reevaluate my plan and execution, take some time off, and then regroup. I am going to do that after the marathon and before the Half Ironman training.

On a positive note, a few weeks ago my plan called for a half marathon race. There weren't any races going on that weekend so I just went out and pretended I was in a race. It was a beautiful day. It was slightly raining, but the temperature was perfect. I wound up running how I wanted to run the last half marathon race:


I felt vindicated. I knew I could get sub 1:50, and I did. My knee didn't hurt, and it was a great run. Hopefully I'll have a few more of those to follow.