Week 31 - Expectation Level: Reset.

If this was a software project, I would be preparing the stake holders for rough news.

Me: Given our present state, we'll hit the deadline, but we wont be able to have all the features we want, and the product will run slower than we wanted.

SH: Can't we just add some more knees to the project to get it over the line.

Me: No, not really.

My knee pain, while getting somewhat better, has been quite negatively effecting my runs. I was “running through the pain” for the past few weeks, but McGregor, my physio, said that might not be the best idea. So I took a few days off hoping that would sort it out. But despite my rolling, stretching, and weight exercises it persist.

I've been able to just barely hold on to my fitness level as you can see:


but it's wobbly at best, and I can't get enough kilometers in to improve it. My long runs at this point should be pretty close to 30k, and I am still hovering around 25k - and with a lot of pain and the addition of some walking.

So I have to reset my goal a bit.

I am still going to show up and do the marathon, but my performance at the event wont likely be fantastic.

Being my first go at the distance I am not too disappointed, but not being able to try my best is going to be a bit embarrassing. It'll still be a nice baseline for the next one, and it'll be fun regardless. In fact, I might have more fun now that I am letting go of hitting any particular time.