Week 28 - The Rockin' IT Band

I haven't written for a few weeks.

I had a big week a few weeks ago - week 26. My long runs got over a half marathon which meant I was running a half marathon every Saturday. My weekly kilometer-age was over 45k a week. My fitness was quite high. I was feeling good. I was feeling quite cocky.


Then came the Sunday after my long run, and my knee started to hurt badly. It felt like the same pain that took me out in my half marathon in 2012. I was worried.

The next week, week 27, was just me trying my best to ease back, and fight through the pain. I started to realize that any time my training load gets to a particular level, my body revolts. Or at least my knee does. My training load dropped, my fitness level dropped a bit, and I was getting frustrated.

I was starting to worry that maybe my body just couldn't handle doing this.


I finally bit the bullet, took Stickman's advice, and went to a sports physio.

It cost a pretty penny, but it was well worth it. If you're in Sydney and looking for something like this I highly recommend The Body Mechanic. I'll have to come up wit a nice nickname for the bloke I saw there - maybe ‘McGregor’.

They filmed my running gait and give me some recommendations and exercises to improve my running in general. They also gave me some exercises to help manage / fix my knee pain. When they send me the videos, I'll post them as they are really interesting. The implementation of the suggestions they made were shocking to see in the video.

The best part of the visit was piece of mind. For me, the most difficult thing about an exercise injury is I am not sure if something is completely broken, or if it's just a little niggle. I don't know the different between certain death, and a slight boo boo. They really set my mind at ease.

So I think I am slightly damaged, but back on track. I've been using what they taught me for the past week, and I was able to do my long run today - about 22k. I am a bit off the plan, but not by much. My knee is still being a bit of a jerk, but I am less worried about it taking the whole project down.


Onward and upward.