Week 24 - Looking Back

One of the things I excel at doing is focusing on my own flaws.

For example, whenever I start to learn something new, I almost always focus on the parts I don't understand. If you were to ask me about a subject I am studying, I would start by telling you about the parts I don't understand or haven't gotten around to learning.

This, by the way, turns out to be a bad marketing tactic.

In one sense, though, it is a good trait. I am always looking for things I don't understand, and I can be honest about my ability to do something.

On the other hand, it can be bad because I almost always focus on my own shortcomings. My horizon is filled with things I don't know, techniques I haven't used, books I haven't read, and achievements I haven't obtained.

Every once in a while I find it useful to just stop, turn around, and look backwards at what I have done, what I have learned, what I have read, people I do know, accomplishments I have… um… accomplished, etc.

We bought a scale a few weeks ago.

If you don't know my story, in 2011 I fully went vegan. At the time I was clinically obese. About 3 years later my weight was on the low side of overweight. When I hit that level, I stopped weighing myself. I am not the kind of person obsessed with looks. I don't care about a “beach body” or anything like that. I am trying to live a healthy life, help the environment, and reduce as much suffering as I can.

Well, at some point between me not weighing myself and now I fell into the normal weight range - my BMI is now 22.5% which puts me in the same range as most vegans. I weigh about 70kg (155lbs). I have never, in my adult or teenage life, been this fit. I find it amazing. The human body is amazing.

I did it the right way. Slowly, healthfully, and over time. I've seen many people yo-yo diet as I've been on this journey. They lose massive amounts of weight in a short time (sometimes openly mocking me) only to gain all the weight back in a few months. I've seen people make themselves sick trying to take shortcuts to health - take pills, or drugs, or supplements not FDA approved, or starve themselves. Heck, just look at the real end result of the biggest loser if you want to see what happens when one ignores science.

But I have learned that people don't want to hear that stuff. So I digress.

And to all my friends who suffer from the same focus: It's good to look back to see how far you've come, even when you still have a long way to go.

Week Summary

I had a decent week. Getting back into the higher kilometer-age ranges as my long runs are getting longer. Lately I've been feeling good and trying to work the bike back in for cross training. The yoga and ball rolling have been helping a lot with muscle soreness too (thanks Little Brother and Stickman).


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