Week 21 - Outside

I'd be lying if I said my legs were not tired this week.

I managed to get all my planned runs in this week save for Monday (the day after the half). A couple of the books I've read say that “injuries happen when you run on tired legs”. Obviously, you have to run on tired legs sometimes, but I figured I'd give myself a break this week and take Monday off.

My other runs this week were slow too, but I think I am now recovered from the half.

So many people were nice to me about the half this week - it's been quite humbling. I got several “ata boy"s. There were a few people who could tell I was disappointed with my time, and they were nice enough to take the piss out of me and set me straight.

I also failed to mention that I had a few friends also run the half. They did amazingly well. Both of their finish times were very close to mine and this was their first go! They are likely doing the marathon too, and one might also do the half ironman with me - it's nice to have fellow freaks treading down the same path (one of which is an aspring plant-based guy, which is also cool as).

Speaking of which, one of my favourite podcasts hit me with this gem:

‘I am going to change the world by doing what everyone else is doing.’ Well, what everyone else is doing is why the world is like it is. […] It is up to people to take action totally regardless of what everybody else is doing. […] Of course it feels weird to stand outside; to be not like everybody else, but first of all [it's] kind of ok… and it's getting to the point where it's necessary. We need more people who are going to stand outside of the norm - hopefully enough of them over time - to create a new normal. — Sid Garza-Hillman

It made me smile and feel less alone. Thanks Sid.

Week Summary

Just logging the time. I think I am going to be getting my TrainingPeaks account back online next week so I might switch over to those graphs. I find those are far more useful and interesting.

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