The Covid-19 Freeze

I haven’t done any exercise since March.

I am lucky to live in a country that took Covid-19 seriously, and our family really took the pandemic to heart - since we “believe” in science. We’ve more-or-less been locked down since March 2020 - at least mentally.

We’ve only been truly locked down for a few months during that time. We’ve always been able to go out to exercise, but like everyone I know in 2020, mentally, I just haven’t had the head space for self improvement - I haven’t had the extra cortisol to spare.

Luckily, I am starting to come out of that feeling. We’ve been back at work now for about a month. I went on a lovey 20k hiking trip, and, while we still have to take precautions, it feels like I have some mental space to get back into it.

It’s slightly embarrassing, but I have taken the opportunity to eat heaps of vegan junk food. I stopped eating mostly whole foods, and opted for vegan pizzas, burritos, beyond meat burgers, and nuggets. I have being eating things that I normally wouldn’t consider fuel, and literally done no exercise since March. I’ve really lost my fitness.

It is time. I’ve made a plan for 2021. I am going to go after a long sought after goal. I am going to keep that goal to myself for now. I am now about 2 weeks into the plan, and it’s feeling like it’s sticking. My fitness is still terrible, I am slow as hell, but I can feel that it’ll get better in a few months. I’ll be ready to start training again come January 2021.

Set ‘em up and I’ll knock ‘em back Loyd - one b’one.