A Nu Start

Trail Running! Triathlon!

We are going through a bit of a transition period at the moment which makes doing my training plan for 2018 a bit difficult, but I do have a general goals set out for 2018 - ultra-marathon trail run. I think 2018 is going to be almost all about trail running.

We’re going to be moving, and there are two likely places we will wind up - both of which are epic for trail running. I’ll give more details when all the paper work is done and accepted (or not accepted whichever the case may be). However, I am planing on running at least a 66k sometime mid year.

I was thinking about maybe doing a 100k, but that might be a bit too much. I am on the fence though. I am slowly getting back into base fitness, and as I get closer to base line I’ll adjust my goal. 66k at a minimum though; 100k would be amazing.

I’ve been back up to about 40k a week for the last 5 weeks, and I am trying to bump that up more before the move. I imagine when we get into the main part of our move, it’ll be difficult to get running in, but I am going to do my best to keep the trend in the right direction.

I’ve mapped out a few trail runs near where we are (hopefully) going to live - I am so looking forward to getting out there.

I do have unfinished business with that half ironman from last year. I have that in the back of my mind still, but at the moment I think I want to get back to nature a bit. I think I might push that off until 2019, or, at the minimum the very end of this year.

I’ve had a few run-ins with some triathlon people, and I really just don’t dig the attitude many of them have had. I am not saying all triathlete’s are high string, type-A personality, do-anything-to-win, angry, under-carbed people, but man… it seems very prevalent in the sport. I ain’t got time for that.

Trail running on the other hand, seems to be dominated by chill people who love the outdoors and having a craft beer by the campfire. Way, way more my speed.

So in 2018, ultra-marathon: yes, half ironman / triathlon: maybe

I’ve also been doing a bit of strength training since the start of the year. I don’t like it, but I know it’s good for me and can help me run. Hopefully I’ll keep that going - oh and I’d like to learn to surf this year too.

Lets go 2018.