Week 20 - The Half

“May all beings be free from suffering; may all beings be free from suffering…”

I have several mantras I use when I am running and ready to quit. That one is my last ditch effort. After runners maths fails to convince me, army style marching cadence things have no effect, and that song from the Revenge of the Nerds montage stops working. That's the one I fall back on. I think of all the needlessly tortured animals, and all the people suffering through horrible times, and I try to put my struggle in perspective.

That I was already at this point at the 15k mark was a really bad sign.

My plan was to do the first 10k at a 5:30 pace, and then see how I felt. From there I would either go for 5:30 or 5:00 for the second 10k. That would have put me around 106 minutes, or about 1h 46m.

However, as usual I went out too fast. One reason I think I went out so fast is because I felt this weird pressure to beat last years time. I am not sure why I felt that. I mean, I always want to improve, but this race isn't the end goal. Nonetheless I think that pressure got the better of me, and I went out too fast. Compound that with the fact I lost a week of training last week, and… well, it wasn't that great of a race.

I was only 30 seconds faster than last year, which is essentially the same time - 1h 56m this year 1h 57m last year. Regardless of time, I ran a much poorer race this year.

But luckily, this isn't the end goal, and, hell, I am happy that I am able to run a half marathon. It's also renewed my respect for the marathon, and renewed my fear of it as well.

Here are my splits for the race, as you can see, I start out too fast, and it went all pear shaped towards the end.

Half Splits

Week Summary

Now the fun begins. The long runs should start to get much longer, and hopefully we'll get some liftoff on these graphs. I think my base is almost built.

Weekly K

Weekly Time