Week 17 - Where do you get your selenium

It was a very mellow week. I've just been plugging along, filling in my running time.

To my surprise, several of the people I've been training with have decided to give plant-based diets a try. It's been from the people I wouldn't guess would try it either. It's a very pleasant surprise, and perfect timing seeing next month is No Meat May.

When talking about plant-based living, it generally goes in one of three directions: The environmental implications, the implications to animals, or the nutritional aspect. Some of the people have been from the environmental side of things, but a few been from the nutrition side. Everyone, however, cares about nutrition on some level.

I've talked with them about this application I used quite a bit back when I first started - cronometer. I still use it a few times a month, but much less now that I've sorted out what works for me.

I figured since there were a few people interested, I'd just do a quick demo of how the application works. This application is probably useful to anyone who is interested in their nutrition or people who, like me, like to go over the top when analyzing their fitness.

Week Summary

Still focusing on running in lieu of the bike and swim. That seems like a good idea seeing the marathon is soon, and the half marathon is even sooner.

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