Week 15 - The Imposters

I saw a really nice film this week called code - debugging the gender gap. It was an interesting film about women in tech and some of the challenges they face. Challenges on top of just doing a good job. It was enlightening.

At what point are you considered to be something?

What rite of passage has to occur to officially be in a group? To have an opinion worth listening to? I've been running since 2012, but I wouldn't call myself a runner. I've seen people with PhDs in computer science that couldn't practically code their way out of a paper bag. However, somehow people become ‘something’.

An example of this: the term hacker (in the old school MIT sense; not the break into your computer sense). Folklore has it that you couldn't call yourself a hacker until someone called you a hacker. Specifically, a hacker needed to call you a hacker before you became a hacker.

Society doesn't really have anything like that. No award or badge for ‘you are officially not horrible at what you are trying to do’. I mean, we have jobs, and having a job generally means you can do that job, but there are a lot of people who are, quite frankly, not good at their jobs.

But it's not just work, it's anything you try to do. Play a guitar, try to draw, cook, learn how to sing, etc, etc. Sure there are competitions for “who is the best”, but those are as flawed as standardised tests. If you win something, then that proves you are good at it, but there are, for example, lots of professional athletes who are indeed professional, but never win a trophy.

I am rambling a bit. This is what happens on my long runs. I think my point is this: you are going to suck at something for much longer than you are good at it. The gap is made even larger by your own perception of your inability. That shouldn't stop you from doing it.

If you have the self awareness to think you're unworthy of having an opinion on something, then you probably have the most interesting opinion in the group.

Unless you're me of course. I'll just keep quiet here in the corner.

Week summary

I've been doing my stretching consistently now, and it's helped a great deal with my knee pain. It hasn't fully gone away, but it's far less than it was. It only shows up for about an hour after a run, and then it tends to fade away two or three hours after that. It's manageable.

I've been continuing to focus on my running since the half marathon is coming up very soon.

Aside from that the bike has fallen a bit by the wayside because I need to get it fixed. It needs a new group set. I still haven't managed to muster up enough courage to start swimming.

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