Week 13 - Lolly Lolly Lolly Get Your Injury Here

This week started out well. Mid week, however, I had my biggest hill repeat day yet, and I might have pushed a bit too hard. The day after the hill day, an “uh oh, this is not a sore muscle” pain started to kick in.

The pain was similar to when I was training for my first half marathon. Everything was going along fine, when suddenly my knee started acting up. I hadn't been running long so I figured it was a normal part of running. I kept running, kept pushing, and then one day I found I could barely walk - let alone run. My knee just wouldn't work. That injury took about 3 months to subside. When I get any indication it is coming back, I freak out a bit.

So I took an extra rest day this week, cut my long day down a bit, and only did a short bike ride. The pain has subsided so I think I might be in the clear… for now. That pain is my nemesis.

My ultimate goal with all of this is to maintain fitness and not get injured. To me this isn't a one time thing on my bucket list. I've been slowly building up my fitness since 2012, and like being a vegan, this is a lifestyle not a short term, quick fix thing. I want to live like this as long as I am physically able. Making myself not physically able would bounce too close to a star and make this a real short trip.

Anyway, the injury is my fault. I haven't been doing my weekly yoga / stretching, and when that falls by the wayside (which it often does), the injuries creep in. Hopefully, this was just a simple warning, and it wont raise it's ugly head again. There are still many weeks to go.

Stickman, like my brother, has been training most of his life, and over coffee this weekend he explained, “nagging injuries and being tired are just a part of training”. I'd like that to not be true, but he's probably right - at least if you're going to be pushing yourself past what you already know you can do.

Additionally, I've had a few nights of drinking in the past weeks. I haven't really mentioned it to anyone, but I more or less haven't drank this year up until a few weeks ago. It hasn't escaped me that the injury and drinking might be related too (even if it's just something like getting poorer sleep).

So, I've been doing a few things wrong / differently. The slight knee pain was hopefully just a warning for me to get back on track.

The half marathon (21 km / 13 miles) is about 5 weeks away.

Week summary

Thanks to the injury, I had a slight dip in my running this week, but I managed to push most of the lost time to the bike.

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