Week 12 - The Heard

It was a nice week today. It was just a week of putting in the work.

That's one of the many interesting lessons running / training has taught me. Most of the time - doing most things - it's just about putting in the work day after day. To actually do things is often a very boring and tedious process. Most people already know this, heck I knew it before I started doing this, but it just seems clearer framed in exercise.

It's easy to dream and fantasize about doing things, and doing so is a bit of a trap. When I fantasize and talk about doing things somehow my brain gives me a small bit of the reward of doing that thing. I see this in other people sometimes too. It was also one of the reasons I was leery about making my fitness goals public - I was afraid it would lessen my motivation as opposed to enhance it.

Which goes along with one of the things that came out of our Interesting Bike Chatβ„’ this week - some people are just born to be outcasts. I am one of those people it seems.

Initially, that sounds bad, and in some respects it is. However it became an interesting prospect as we flushed out the idea that it might be an evolutionary thing. In order for anything to change, there has to be people on the outside of group think. Everyone doing the same thing over and over leads nowhere. Like a mutating, antibiotic resistant virus, or the freaky monkey thing with the opposable thumbs, or those dirty hippies with their solar panels - things only change by counter culture.

Society only changes because of the freaks and rejects. So smile you rejects.

Look at me!

This was funny as well. A podcast I listen to, TRS Triathlon, summed up why I stopped making videos for this part of my life. Here is the clip from that show:

On one hand I do want to inspire people to go out and run around, and on the other hand…

Week summary

Kilometerage is keeping steady and my time on the pavement is holding steady too. At some point these wildly waving graphs should setttle down. I hope…

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