Week 11 - Hill Repeats

The name of the game this week was hill repeats and nick names.

The Benny Hills

The marathon training plan I am using is a smashing of the No Meat Athlete Marathon Road map, and Hal Higdon Marathon Training Guide.

I used the No Meat Athlete training plan for my first two Half Marathons so I know their stuff works, but I wanted to push myself a bit more. I am not trying get a faster time, but because I am using the marathon as a step towards the Half Ironman, I felt like I need to up things a bit.

Anyway, I had never done hill repeats before. I did a few last week, but I did more this week and now it looks as though they are here to stay.

I will say, I enjoy the change of pace. In the past, I have only run. Sometimes in zone 4, sometimes in zone 2, sometimes for a long time, sometimes for a short time, but always just run. Hills are a nice break. A painful break, but a nice break.

I had seen people on running forums mention them, but I figured they were an advanced technique. I used to think the same thing about heart rate monitoring as well. It's interesting how the more I learn about something, the clearer the usefulness of things becomes. I see it in technology all the time, but it's neat to see it happen out of context.

What's in a name

Every cool athlete has a nick name - Buck “flush valve chain” Rodgers or whatever. Most of the guys I ride with have cool nick names, but I didn't have one.

I wasn't too keen on giving myself a nick name. I had been using “Captain Amazing” as a bit of a joke, but I wanted a real one. Well, I have one now that I think is perfect: Rotten Robbie.

My wife has been writing down some of the crazy things I say and putting them on pretty pictures (sometimes they seem a bit harsh, but I assure you they're from when we are joking around). As a joke she started hash tagging them RottenRob. Here is an example:

Weekly K

It's funny because Rotten Robbie had been my nick name when I was a kid. Where I grew up there was a chain of petrol stations named Rotten Robbie, and everyone in the family just started calling me that. At least I assumed it was because of the petrol stations. Reflecting on that now, it might have been for other reasons…

And, apparently, there is a kids TV show were a guy named “Robbie Rotten” tries to keep all the kids in “Lazy Town” from doing physical activity. It's like my own version of the blerch.

It's not the coolest nick name, but I think it captures something special.

Week summary

This was the third week of the 30 week marathon training. Kilometerage is keeping steady and my time on the pavement is going back up:

Weekly K

Weekly Time

I've been continuing monitoring my sleep, and making sure I get to bed early - that's working well. I still haven't bought a scale.

My trial from TrainingPeaks expired, and I'll probably go with the premium account next month. I find their charts quite helpful.