Week 10 - Training Peaks

As my search for a vegan coach continues, I've begun looking at other tools. The longer my coachlessness goes on the more I think I am going to have to coach myself. This isn't too big of a deal. I've coached myself this far.

On a side note, You might have noticed I've gone off making weekly videos. It was taking several hours to make the videos, and I was only getting about 5 views per video. It was too much effort for no real value. I found making them fun, and will likely make some more on special occasions, but I am not going to be doing it weekly. I'll also be back-filling this site with the content from week 1-9 videos.

One of my biking mates has turned me on to Training Peaks. It's like Strava Premium, but for real athletes. It's beyond and above me, but I like the pretty graphs - more below. The other thing TrainingPeaks is good for is coaching. There is an entire coach version that allows someone to see your progress in a coach's view - whatever that is.

It seems like it'll be useful if I ever find a real coach. I am not holding my breath though.

Here is an example of a Training Peaks graph; this is one I slightly understand:

Performance Management

It shows my fitness level (the blue line) against my fatigue (the pink line). The subtraction of the two (plus some fancy magical maths) shows my form level (the yellow line). The trick is keeping all of these in balance to prevent injury while growing fitness. If my form gets too negative, then I am much more likely to get injured. Additionally, you can see it projects into the future if you stop altogether which helps with taper prediction.

Anyway, it's fancy.

This was the second week of the 30 week marathon training so my kilometerage is going back up:

Weekly K

As is my amount of time:

Weekly Time

I need to at least start swimming soon…