Unforeseen Consequences

From a training perspective, things were going along well at the start of this year. However, I found myself in a less than ideal situation from a personal point of view. I had been using running as a way to deal with / avoid the situation, but it got to be too much to deal with, and sadly my training was the first thing to go - in an effort to reduce my overall stress.

Thankfully, that situation has finally changed, and I am now starting to get back into the training rhythm again. I’ve lost quite a bit of ground. I am mostly back to where I started at the begining of the year, but I think I should be back to were I was within a few months:

Training Stress Score

I’d be happy just getting back to a routine like I had in 2016. My just existing fitness levels were so much higher thanks to the consistency (TSS 40-50+ vs. ~20 now).

Consistency is king

Consistency is king - and a supportive environment doesn’t hurt either.

It looks like I might not be able to do my big race this year, but I do have a few smaller ones that I will be able to do. One coming up in about a month.

I have a very good feeling about my current situation. I think that I’ll finally be able to get some consistency going. It’s been a long road of shaky, unfriendly ground, but things are starting to settle.