Back to the Future

I had a system crash, and my time machine backup decided it was too encrypted for me to get back into it. I lost all my photos, a bunch of half thought out projects, and, worst of all, all my workout data.

I started on this fitness thing by doing the couch to 5k (C25K) program back in 2015. Shortly there after I started tracking my runs with a running watch. I had pretty much every run I had ever done since I started running (save a few weeks and a few watch malfunctions).

The data wasn’t useful to anyone, but it was just neat to see all the data accumulating.

This week I have been feeling very tired, and I wanted to see what my training load was like. I started feeling like I should back off a little bit for a week or so, but wanted some data to back that up.

Then I remembered I had tried out the Golden Cheetah application and I remembered I used Dropbox to store my athlete data… et voila! I have all of my historical data - whew.

I setup Golden Cheetah around some made up seasons to see how my training is stacking up against previous years. Last year was my “DNS” Ironman 70.3, and the year before was my “I injured myself while training, but did it anyway” Marathon.

The great part about having two examples of things that either didn’t work (or worked suboptimally), is I can compare them to my current training and load. I think it gives me a good idea of where I am, and if I am heading for an injury.

So at the moment, my training it looking like this:


Elevation and Cadence

Quick primer on how to read: The blue line is my fitness, the purple line is stress (fatigue), and the yellow line you can think of as “rested state”.

I am happy with the progress so far.

While my fitness has a way to go, the rate of increase is promising. However, I think I need to slow the rate of increase because of what happened in 2016 (below).


Elevation and Cadence

There isn’t much to glean from 2017 aside from the fact that the last time I was around 40 I did a mellow 25k trail run with my mate and it wasn’t difficult. I was also well below 40 when I did my sprint triathlon, and I was reasonably happy with that. It just helps me understand what my fitness level is currently capable of doing.


Elevation and Cadence

You can see my fitness peaked at about 60 when training for my marathon. But this chart is the one that makes me think I need to back off a bit - maybe just for a week. When I started my training everything was going along well - just as it is now, but you’ll notice right after the Sun Run 10k my “rest” went way up. That’s because I got injured.

After that injury, you can see everything just hobbles along. I was hell bent on doing that marathon so I did the rookie mistake of “training through the injury”. As a result the marathon time was sub par, and then you can see my runs get more sporadic and trail off.

I want to keep that from happening again. Not only for the race later this year, but also because I am going to need to build even more after that. Injury free is key to me… Lee.

So while I am going to continue with my current plan (which I like a lot), I am going to slow it down for the next week and see if I can keep this going in the right direction.

Thanks Dropbox for working properly :-D