The Longest Taper

This is dragging on.

We are currently in the midst of a big move. It’s exciting, and we are very stoked for our new adventure, but it has thrown my training habit into a … well, it’s actually killed my training habit.

I am very grateful that nowadays when I don’t get to do regular exercise, I feel really off. It used to be that I would have to force myself to go do some physical activity. Now when I can’t do my training plans or my activity drops, I feel like a whole part of my life is completely missing.

I feel like I have lost almost all my fitness (even though I know that’s not true).

The first part of our move should be over by next week, and then it’s a matter of getting back into some sort of repeatable routine. I find I can perform much better if I can fall into a groove - both in software and in sport. If I know what the next day and the next week holds my productivity, motivation, and mood increase.

Some friends have mentioned that if I wanted to, if I really wanted to, I could still keep to my plans even with all this extra madness thrown in. However, I find that to be a bit too stressful.

I’ve learned a lot about how I manage projects / plans these past weeks. I like to break things down and have at least a few months of ‘backlog’. Doing things “just to do things” I find very demotivating. It doesn’t feel like I am making any progress.

To keep my motivation alive, I’ve been working on planing a few big races and writing up some different training plans. I’ll have them sorted by the time we land on our feet again, and you can now follow along with my plan using the calendar on the top of the page - because why wouldn’t you?